Pastoral Support

The pastoral support team is here to help you.  You can contact them by downloading the referral form on the link below. 

The Pastoral Support Team provides guidance, biblical counsel, support, encouragement and prayer ministry to others within a church context. It helps those who struggle with life controlling issues that impact their emotions, thought life, relationships with others and relationship with God. This might include for example anxiety, fear, anger, depression, loss, habits and self-worth.

It is not a professional counselling service but those on the team, which is led by Irene Brooks, receive training in pastoral care and are committed to developing their pastoral gifts and knowledge.

If you would like to be considered for help from the team please download and fill in the referral form here.

There is an initial meeting to see whether the team are able to provide help and to agree on what could be done.

There is no charge for what the team do but if anyone would like to make a contribution to ongoing training of the team then that is gratefully received.