Parenting Teenagers




This course is for parents and carers of 11-18 year olds. It gives them long term strategies and practical tools for building a healthy relationship with their teenagers while guiding them into adulthood.

Who is it for?

Parents (single or married), step-parents, prospective parents or carers of children aged 11 – 18 years.

About the course

The Parenting Teenagers Course was created by Nicky and Sila Lee. Their other courses (The Marriage Course and The Marriage Preparation Course) are run across the world and have been translated into many languages. The Parenting Courses were launched in 2011 and are gaining popularity in the UK and beyond. This course helps parents and carers learn practical tools to help them support their teenagers, communicate effectively, discover how their teenagers feel loved, set boundaries and let them go gradually so that they take on increasing responsibility for their own behaviour.


The course consists of six weekly sessions which last a couple of hours and usually take place in the evening. Each one is a mix of DVD teaching presented by Nicky and Sila Lee plus group discussion based on the questions in the Parenting Teenagers Course manual. (There is no pressure to join in during group discussions!) Whether you’re parenting on your own or together, you’re very welcome.


  • Keeping the end in mind
  • Meeting our Teenagers’ Needs
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Developing Emotional Health
  • Helping them make good choices

Cost & Dates

There are no dates set for the next course yet but if there is sufficient demand a course will be run in the autumn.  The evening starts at 7.30pm with refreshments, The cost of the course is £20 per person and includes materials and refreshments.  The course usually takes place at Kings House, Southwater Business Park, Worthing Rd, Southwater, RH13 9JB.  If you would like to add your name to our waiting list for the next course or require further information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Upcoming dates

There are no dates set for the next course as yet but if you would like to register your interest please complete the form below.

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