Catalyst Festival 2018


We are part of a family of churches within NewFrontiers called CATALYST who we serve and who wonderfully serve us. In May next year (2018) the Catalyst Festival will be on again and we are particularly excited that Heidi Baker is one of the main stage speakers this year!

The festival gathers over 4,000 people from all the churches who are part of catalyst in the UK and many who are served by Catalyst from overseas. It is a wonderful opportunity to hear all the God is doing across our nation and beyond, to celebrate and worship together, to hear some amazing teaching, to engage with God and grow in friendship and fellowship together.

As a church we are hosting again the ENCOUNTER ZONES but also this year, for the 1st time, we are having our own KCH SOCIAL TEAM who will be putting on and facilitating a whole load of activities and social times together just for the KCH site. There are even rumours of heaters in our own marquee!

There are various price breaks and a payment to spread the costs if you need it too. The next price break is 30th November 2017.  There is also a payment plan available to spread the cost.

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Why Our Connect Community is Going to Catalyst Festival

Andy AWP1795[Andy] Recently I heard an amazing story that Angus and Carole Hogg’s entire Connect Community were going to the Catalyst Festival 2018 (Well almost all). Angus & Carol have faithfully served the church as small group leaders for many, many years and are outstanding leaders who have loved, cared for and served many in our church community and so I asked them to tell me more.

Angus Carole Hogg[Angus & Carol] We run a connect group that meets in Southwater and including children we have approximately 30 people in it, of whom 25 are planning to go to Catalyst in May next year. We are still hoping the rest will come too. Why go at all you may ask? The first thing is that Catalyst is just an amazing gathering of thousands of Christians in one place. The worship is always of such high quality - it is just an incredible experience to be gathered with fellow believers from across the country to worship Jesus. Many of the people in our Connect Group have never been to an event like that before and they are going to absolutely love it when the experience the intensity of worship for the first time.

Secondly, the standard and range of teaching is simply amazing at Catalyst. Two of our all-time heroes, Simon Holley and Heidi Baker, will be there and teaching from the front. In different ways they both are incredible. Simon is a true Apostle and yet is gracious, humble and exudes the Father's heart. Heidi Baker and her husband Roland are arguably two of the most effective church planters in the world today - when I last checked they had been involved in the planting of over 7000 churches in and around Mozambique, which is of of the world's poorest countries. They also see some remarkable and incredible miracles on a regular basis and we so look forward to benefitting from their ministry. In addition there is a vibrant kids' ministry and we so want our children to be touched by God so they are ruined for anything else. In addition to the platform ministry, there is an enormous range of seminars covering just abut every pressing issue relevant to the church today. It is often just so inspiring. 

Regarding the potential camping, we know some people are horrified at such a thought! There are, in fact, a variety of options. A number of people live off-site at various hotels and guest houses, and that works just fine. It is also possible to go for the 'less adventurous' option and hire/borrow a caravan whilst living on site (us Hoggs are doing that!). The majority of people, however, take tents and have a fantastic time. There are shower blocks and toilets nearby, and it is therefore relatively civilised! Also, the church often has a big marquee that acts as a central gathering point. Being on site has a wonderful atmosphere and is a great opportunity to get to know other people in your own church, but also people from other churches. We just love soaking up the atmosphere of a large-scale Christian event and see God changing lives. 

So overall, we are really looking forward to going to Catalyst. The great worship, fabulous teaching and fantastic fellowship just make it all too good to miss. Hope to see you all there!


 One of the great parts of being at a festival like this is the opportunity to be all together on site as a family. It gives us an extended period to spend time together, and have fun together.

This year we are getting our own marquee as a central social space for us as a church.  In the evenings, after the meetings, it will be heated, and we are planning to get some of our amazing musicians to do some low key secular sets as many of them do in pubs as they look to serve Horsham.  Along with Trevor and Dan we are looking to have a Kids/Youth talent show on the Monday as well as a church BBQ.

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