Sundays are our weekly opportunity to be together as a family and encounter God in worship and through teaching from the Bible. We are a community shaped by the presence of God, and Sunday is a great time to experience  what we’re all about!

What to expect

Our meetings are relaxed and informal. We love to worship, hear stories from individuals about how God is impacting them or using them to transform the communities they are part of, as well as learning about life from the Bible. Whenever we meet we are hungry to encounter God and to experience His presence. 

If its going to be your first time with us then please don’t panic. We know what it is like to be in an unfamiliar environment where you might feel unsure of what happens next or where you know very few people. First of all we have a hosting team (in black tshirts) who can show you where to go and how everything works. If you have children then they can also show you where their meetings are too. There is no pressure for you to do anything, join in with anything, or for your kids to go to their meetings either. They can stay with you and you can stand, sit, join in with the singing or just observe, whatever you want. We just want you to feel welcome, accepted just as you are and comfortable.

Timings and location

We meet on a Sunday, at 10.30am (10.00am for coffee).

We meet at Tanbridge House School, Guildford Road, Horsham, RH12 1SR

Photos & Filming

In this day and age we realise that the use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) is essential to being current, relevant and connected in the present digital culture. In order to reach this digitally & socially connected generation we want to employ every method possible and clearly the internet and social networking is a must.

As a result at all of our meetings there may be people who are either employed, or volunteer, to take photos and/or write quotes and commentary on the meeting for the purposes of internet, social media, publicity and advertising. We would therefore invite those who would prefer not to be included in any photos to sit further back as photos taken with faces identifiable will be from the front of the meeting. There may be photos taken from the back but no faces included of the congregation.

Similarly some of our meetings are video recorded and made available online. Again, if you would prefer not to be seen on these videos then we would invite you to sit either behind the camera or, on Sunday mornings, in the left or right wings of the main seating area.

For the avoidance of doubt we will not be using photographs or video that includes children without parents consent.

Children's Activities

The Nest - Parent and Baby Room

We have a TV link to the adult meeting where you can have a coffee and gather with other parents and carers.

The relay room is open from 10.30am until 12.15pm.

Crèche (1–2 years)

Helpers are always on hand to play with or read to the children. During the morning we have a short Bible story, followed by a drink and a biscuit. There is an opportunity for older children to take part in an activity, usually one connected with the story. We also include a time of singing and playing percussion instruments.

The Crèche runs from 10.50am until 12.15pm.

Minimix (2–5 years)

Each session consists of a variety of activities, which can include games, crafts, Bible story time, prayer time and puppets. We have plenty of space for free-play and enjoy a drink and a biscuit together.

Minimix runs from 11.00am until until 12.15pm.

Megamix (School years 1–6)

An action-packed, front-led programme of activities including games, sketches, Bible stories, worship and testimony times.

Megamix runs from 11.00am until 12.15pm.


Awaken (School years 7-13)

Together we’re all on a journey of awakening to the love of God. Every Sunday morning we draw near to God together with an expectation to experience His presence with us and to hear Him speak.

After worshipping with the whole church, we move to our own fast-paced and lively programme of games, stories, quizzes, talks and discussions. Our focus is to help young people find their true identity in God's love and live out exciting lives for Him everyday.