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What does Group Life look like at KCH

Life consists of more than an evening out once a week and church we believe is so much more than a meeting on a Sunday morning. Our Sunday mornings are when we meet together as a celebration of all that God is doing in us and through us throughout the week. We look forward to meeting together to celebrate, worship, have teaching and mix with other people just like we do a night out but church life is so much more than that.
It's hard to get to know people when there is loads going on and where there are hundreds of other people about. Friendships may be started in that context but relationships are built is a smaller more intimate context. That is why smaller groups are so critical and why we encourage everyone in the Kings Church Family to be connected into one of our many groups. These groups are some of the main ways we care for one another as a church family, encourage each other in the Christian life and live a life of mission together
We have 3 types of groups available. The first is what we call a DEVELOP COMMUNITY (DC) which are groups designed to help train you in specific areas such as parenting, bible reading or ministry or seek to develop you as a disciple of Jesus which could be anything from seeing you walking in freedom from habits or fears to a discipleship program to learn to be more like Jesus.
The other types of groups are what we call MISSIONAL COMMUNITIES (MC) and CONNECT COMMUNITIES (CC). Both missional communities and connect communities look to have a healthy rhythm of UP: Connecting with God, IN: Growing in our character and OUT: Reaching out to the world around. They are more than just a meeting as we seek to live life together and build genuine relationships with those who are not yet part of the church family. All groups have a foundation of discipleship, seeking God together and building community. The only difference between MCs and CCs is how they express the "out" part of the rhythm.
Missional communities are gathered around a common group mission or passion impacting an area of society and they seek to influence this area together. 
Connect Communities encourage and equip people to be missional in their workplace or the area of influence they already feel called to.
Groups meet throughout the week all around Horsham. Some groups meet more often than others depending on their particular vision, but they all meet regularly to live out their mission, participate in discipleship and enjoy community together. To see all of our groups and their locations please click the ‘MISSIONAL COMMUNITIES' and ‘CONNECT COMMUNITIES' tab above.  All of these groups will be running through until Christmas.
Sign up online by clicking on the group you would like to join.  There is a two week window for this at the start of every 10 week cycle. 
We’d encourage you to be asking the question “What is God saying to you and what are you going to do about it?” to help you decide which group to join or whether God is stirring you to lead one.
If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us

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If you are interested in exploring the idea of starting a Missional Community or a Connect Community Group then please...
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All new groups start together at the beginning of each term and initially run for one term. If you’re thinking about exploring starting a new group next term, please fill in the form as early as possible during the term before. This gives us time to get in touch and support you in the process of setting up a new group.
We offer all our leaders coaching, support and training and want to see everyone grow in their potential and calling. If God has put a vision in your heart or if you'd like to speak with someone about what it means to lead a Kings Church group, we'd love to take some time to explore that with you.