PURSUIT Evenings

What has God Said? What are we going to do about it? This is a phrase we use a lot and want to use more. We want to make choices in response to what God has said, not what we think is a good idea.

Pursuit is an evening given over to worship and encountering the presence of God in response to Fathers call to us. Part of that call is in the area of worship. There have been many prophetic words over us as a community of people about worship (too many to mention here) but words about us being a worshipping people where the manifest presence of God is evident as we come together to worship. That the songs that are written in that culture and context will influence the nations! 

We want to respond to what God has said to us about being a people Passionate About Worship and combining that with being a people passionate about the presence of Godpassionate for the kingdom and passionate about prayer we have decided to give one Sunday evening a month primarily to worship and just spend time in the presence of God in a way we just don’t have time for on a Sunday morning. We will start at 6pm and end, well we will end when we end. It may be 8pm or later depending on what God is doing! 

We are going to cultivate spending time with our Father and learn to partner with Holy Spirit as we host the presence of God together. Come along ready to worship in whatever way you wish. You may want to dance, to paint, to just soak in his presence. There is no right or wrong and because we have never done it before there is no normal for this. We just want his presence and nothing else will do! Please come expecting to encounter the manifest presence of God. Come ready to listen to Holy Spirit and step out! 

We calling these evenings “Pursuit” because we are passionate about pursuing his presence, to being a people shaped by the presence of God, led by the presence of God and known because of the presence of God. 

Pursuit speaks of activity on our part! Pursuit speaks of our active involvement. We are not passive observers in this but active participators as we pursue the manifest presence of God.

Dates for 2018 are: 22nd April, 24th June, 22nd July, 23 Sept, 28th October, 25th November