A Testimony from the 2016 Glory Conference

The Good Life

As 2004 began, I felt I had a wonderful life, I was teaching maths in a prestigious prep school, while living on-site with my fiance, Rob, and planning our summer wedding.  Times I wasn't working, we spent together - playing golf, performing in musicals, hillwalking, swimming, skiing, and travelling.  We had plenty of money coming in and great plans.  In a worldly way it was all very good.  However, I did not know God.


In January 2004 things changed.  Some boarders returned from their travels with an unidentified, nasty virus. It spread rapidly around the school.  Like many others, I caught it, but unlike them, I never fully recovered.  The summer arrived, as did our honeymoon, which was shadowed by my constant need to sleep.  Constant headaches were soon added to my symptoms.  We began to suspect there was something wrong.  In October 2004, after medical investigations, I was diagnosed with myalgic encephalitis (M.E), a neurological and auto-immune condition. 

More Challenges

My health continued to deteriorate, including my physical mobility.  By 2006 I was using a walking cane, and we made the decision to purchase a wheelchair to enable our summer plans to go ahead.  Investigation into the huge amounts and variable types of pain I was experiencing, resulted in a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.  Despite trying to keep teaching, I eventually left on health grounds.  By the spring of 2007, my career was over and my self-confidence was shattered. But God had plans to prosper me, not to harm, me!


With a generally non-Christian upbringing, I had been christened and confirmed but my faith was never very deep.  Over the course of my illness it became non-existent.  Although I didn't know God, He knew me and had His hand on my life.  He blessed us with two boys, Edward born in 2008 and Christopher in 2010 and then brought us into a toddler grop run by Kinhgs Church Mid-Sussex. 

New Family/Hope Regained

Towards the end of 2010, having enjoyed a period of remission, I took a dramatic relapse. The toddler team stepped into our lives, providing meals and childcare.  The church family acted out their faith through so much love.  This was new for us, and I was intrigued to know more about this church and was this God they served.  When I received the offer of prayer, God graciously revealed Himself to me supernaturally, through incredible pain relief. In January 2011 I became a Christian and was baptised. 

2012 started with another health deterioration. I became largely wheelchair bound and housebound in our first floor flat with no lift.  In a quiet moment in the middle of worship God met me powerfully, restoring my mobility and cementing my faith and commitment to God. For fourteen months I thought both conditions were gone for good.

New Fears

In September 2013 whilst on mission in Kenya I felt there was something wrong with my joints and my GP re-diagnosed fibromyalgia. It returned with a vengeance and in January 2015 I needed my wheelchair more than ever and I was also re-diagnosed with M.E in the May.

February 2016

At the time of the Glory Conference in 2016 I was completely unable to bear weight by myself and spent most of the conference lying on a camp bed as I could not sit up for more than a couple of hours at a time.  

On the Saturday night I arrived at the conference without any expectation that the Lord might heal me.  This was very intentional as a result of having entered similar events with the expectation and hope that the Lord might heal and coming away disappointed. I had begun to realize that my agenda distracted me from absorbing as much as I would have liked to have done. This time I arrived at 'Glory' thinking: 'I am here to move closer to God and learn from His word - that is it.'


The Saturday evening session arrived.  I had already had a wonderful time with God and with friends. As we worshipped, the thought came into my mind, 'Maybe He will do something this evening.' I pushed it straight to the back of my head, but I felt that the Lord said to me, 'I like to surprise.' Pushing this back as well, unsure if it was my imagination, I reminded myself of my prayer, 'Lord, when you heal, you're going to have to do it through someone else, as if you are speaking directly to me, (as in 2012) or I'm not sure I'll recognise that it's You.' Oh, how He answered that prayer.

Julian Adams started speaking. He gave the year of 2004 as a year of life changing diagnosis, which was neurological and autoimmune. My friend directed him round to me, and he continued to prophesy, talking about issues in my heart and revealing that the Lord was right now mending those connections that were preventing me from walking. I felt the Spirit beginning to work within me. 

New Joys

In order to test whether I had improved, it was suggested that I try standing - and I could! I stood for a while, then knelt for a while, then stood again - just letting the Spirit work within me as He willed. And then a friend asked me if I wanted to try walking around the hall.  I had a very surreal moment, as I wanted to worship - but by that point the band had left the stage... so we walked around the room instead! By the time I got home I was doubting what had happend, so my husband was greeted, with no warning whatsoever, by 'Get your coat, darling, we need to go for a walk!'

The time since the conference has been so wonderful, and so much much.  I've stopped waking up at questioning whether I can walk! The professionals I have seen have no human explanation for what happened. I am still some way from well but we continue to pray.  I am most struck by our Father's extravagant, loving generosity - that I'd already had such an awesome conference and then the healing was the 'icing on the cake'. And it also struck me that speaking through a prophet who did not know me was proof that He exists and knows every detail about us.  




Promise of a Baby

Ali and Jason had been trying for a baby for 4 and a half years. They went to their Doctors after the first year for tests but everything was normal. 

About 2 years of trying to conceive Ali, received a prophetic word from Sarah Rowlinson. She knew nothing of Ali’s history but in the word she said 'you are not barren, you are going to have children.....but not yet!' This obviously created mixed emotions confirming what Ali believed would happen but also wondering ‘how long is not yet?’ 

That word kept Ali going over the next few years. Very soon after Ali found that many people around her were getting pregnant and it wasn't easy but she knew she had to hold on to the promise from God that her time will come. She knew that everyone’s story is different and God's plans for no two people is the same.

After Ali and Jason had been trying for 3 years, Ali was prescribed fertility treatment Clomid. Ali was initially disappointed that she had to go through fertility treatment because she always believed that God would enable her to become pregnant but she went ahead with it.

Sadly after 3 or 4 cycles of the treatment they were told it wasn't working and they were advised to have a Laparoscopy to ensure there were no deeper issues for Ali but this too was all normal. 

At this point, Ali had had enough and came to the decision that if she really believed God can do miracles and He has made a promise for a baby, she should take a step of faith and not go for any more fertility treatment. 

The following Sunday at church Ali was in minimix (early years Sunday programme) and Sam Smith felt prompted to get the children (ranging from 3 – 5 year olds) to lay hands on her and without going into details the children spoke the word 'life' over her.

The Sunday after that, Emma Bird had a prophetic word for people trying to conceive and subsequently prayed for Jason and Ali...... The very next day Ali knew she was ovulating and just a few weeks later, on their fifth anniversary, they found out Ali was pregnant!