Worship Academy

The course will challenge, build character, bring about change and revelation - a great adventure as you discover more about God and who you are meant to be. 



This course is primarily for worship leaders, musicians, and others who have a passion for God and His church.  Students should be at least 18 years old but there is no upper age limit.  Places are limited so early applications are advised.


The course is full time from September to July over three semesters.   Fees are £2295 for the year (accommodation will be an additional cost)


Students study a range of subjects including Worship Theology, Music Theory, Song writing, Vocal training, Music Production, Listening to the Father's voice and band training. 

Private instrumental lessons are available (additional cost).

Students choose a ministry track from Children's Ministries, Youth Ministries or Production and Sound.


Lessons take place each week at Kings House Training Centre, part of Kings Church Horsham.  The building provides excellent facilities including a new studio space.  Students also have opportunities to travel abroad on ministry trips such as Romania, Morocco and Bethel (additional cost).

Course Info

Biblical Foundations of Worship - Dave Fellingham

A Biblically based course exploring the theology, history, heart and practice of worship. It will equip you with a greater understanding of the God we worship and the way He works in history, the church and our personal lives.  Lessons are informal as students are encouraged to participate fully and ask questions in order to develop their own understanding. theological unit exploring the history, heart and practice of worship. Each term will have a reading list and an assigment to complete. There is no formal grading to the tasks, but feedback will be given. 

Encountering the Father - Paul Oakley
This session will focus on worship and encountering God.  You will be helped to understand how to listen to God in worship and grow in confidence as you step out in spiritual gifts.  The session will include teaching but be very practical, there will be no formal assignments but students will be expected to come prepared. 

Music Theory and Keyboard Skills - Mike Sandeman
These sessions will increase and develop your knowledge of music theory whatever the starting point. At the beginning of the term student knowledge and ability will be assessed to ensure that you are in the correct group.  With an emphasis on chords and harmony theory you will undertand how music 'fits together' with particular application for modern worship music.  During the sessions you will learn and use basic keyboard skills. Others aspects of the course include music appreciation, musical genres, critical listening and developing harmonies for song-writing.  Students will have regular practical and assignment tasks throughout the year.  There will be an opportunity for interested students to take grade 5 theory (ABRSM)

Vocal Training Master-classes - Anna Stanley
Throughout these sessions they will help you take an in-depth look at vocal health, breathing techniques and increasing your range.  They will also help you find ways of discovering your own sound and feel confident creating improvised harmonies. Whether you lead, are a backing vocalist or merely singing in the shower these sessions will help your vocal technique in a fun and informative manner. 

Songwriting - Michaela Sargeant, Jos Wintermeyer, Jack Wintermeyer
Songwriting for all standards and experience, these sessions will enable you to develop song writing skills. Working on individual and group tasks, you will be helped to consider how to construct lyrics, use harmony and time signatures and explore your creativity.  Over the 3 terms you will build a portfolio to use in your production lessons. Students will be expected to work on their songs in their own study time. 

Leading Worship, Band Training and Production - Jos Wintermeyer
While musical skill is important, the worship leader must know how to be a disciple, growing in their personal relationship with God and His word.  These sessions will not only equip you with practical skills needed to play in a band, but will also help you to respond to the Holy Spirit and understand how to lead others into the Father's presence.  Production is a vital element in any gathering for worship and you will have the opportunity to learn fundamentals in sound and how to use technology in worship, using software such as Logic Pro and Ableton Live.  You will work on various projects throughout the year including producing your own songs, composed and harmonised in other classes.  These come alive as you develop them through production process.

Other Content - Various tutors
Throughout the course students will have sessions with Andy Robinson and other elders from Kings Church Horsham.  Every student will attend 'Foundations for Freedom' at the start of the year and allocated a mentor who will support and encourage them.  Other teachers include Jules Burt, Chris Wintermeyer and Jack Wintermeyer. There will be regular sessions with the prophetic team and opportunities for mission trips. Other teachers include Lou Fellingham and Sarah Benton.

Ministry Track

Every student attending Worship Academy will be allocated a ministry track as part of their studies and life at Kings Church Horsham. Students can choose one of the following areas and will work on projects alongside the team leader:




Dave AWP1803

Dave Fellingham

David Fellingham graduated from Sussex University with an honours degree in Music and Education. He is also an Associate of The Royal College of Music. After almost fifty years in ministry, David is well known as a worship leader, Bible teacher, author, songwriter, and has been responsible for initiating major projects in music and the arts. He has also had experience in helping to develop and train worship schools in the UK, Canada, America, Europe , the Middle East, India and the Far East.. He is passionate about the church and extending the kingdom to reach the nations for God.

David’s books ‘Worship Restored’ and ‘To The Praise Of His Glory’ are now classics.

Music Theory – Mike Sandeman

Mike was the keyboard player for Christian band PHATFISH for twenty years, and has worked with many well known worship leaders around the UK and overseas. He currently works as a producer from his own studio, and also runs a consultancy for church music teams who feel they would benefit from some expert input.


Jos Wintermeyer

Jos is the Worship Director at KCH having joined the staff in 2012. He was part of the band Phatfish and has played with Worship Leaders such as Stuart Townend and Matt Redman amongst others. Before joing the band Jos worked as a professional sound engineer and also has a degree in Music Production. He is passionate for excellence in both musicianship and production whilst pursuing the presence of God.

Andy AWP1795

Andy Robinson

Andy Robinson is the Lead Elder at Kings Church Horsham, is married to Hazel and has two sons Tom and Eddie. Andy is a gifted communicator and carries a passion not only for the truth of God's word, but for the reality of Jesus' presence and power in people's lives., that churches, communities, and cultures can be transformed by the Kingdom of God here on the earth.

KHX WorshipAcademy Paul

Paul Oakley

Paul has given the wider church a whole songbook of praise and worship songs over the last decade and a half, with gold and platinum selling songs like 'It's all about you (Jesus Lover of My Soul)', 'Be Lifted Up' and 'Because of You' . Having travelled the globe leading worship in numerous other nations and playing stadiums and arenas, he now front's 'Alamein's Torch', a mainstream band playing music venues clubs and summer festivals and is currently writing for film and TV. During these classes Paul will teach and inspire you to compose your own songs for a variety of venues.

Anna Stanley2

Anna Stanley

Singing and worship have always been a part of Anna's life. She is a passionate singer and performer with a fun and vibrant style.  She regularly teaches, directs, produces and performs, running her own gospel choir and private vocal tuition.  Anna loves working with people to see them grow in confidence and their full singing potential.

Jack Wintermeyer

Jack Wintermeyer

Jack is a producer, songwriter and musician. He has played and toured with artists such as Chris Mcclarney, Aaron Keys and Jake Isaac. He has also been an integral member of the Newday band, producing and writing songs for the event. Jack and his brother Chris have just released a new self-titled project ‘Wintermeyer’.

Masterclass Tutors


Jules Burt

Jules is part of King's Church Horsham. She leads worship at Newday, and has authored songs such as Devotion, All I Want, Sun of Righteousness and Made Alive.

SamBecki Cox 16x9 MS L

Sam Cox

Sam is a producer, musician, and songwriter. He has regularly played with Matt Redmond, Martin Smith and Tim Hughes as well as being an integral member of the 'Newday' Band. Alongside the 'Newday' albums, he has also produced for artists such as Nicki Fletcher and Lou Fellingham.

Sarah Benton metry

Sarah Benton-Metry

Sarah brings out the best in students' voices with her effective vocal techniques and has the skills to coax an entertaining performance from the shyest of students. She owns her own company, 'Step Up and Sing' and is involved in various band projects, regularly gigs across the country with her function band 'Movin On Up' and the ACM Gospel Choir. Sarah has a degree in 'Music with Instrumental and Vocal Music Teaching' and a MA in 'Contemporary Music Performance'. 

KHX HS Lou150

Lou Fellingham

For almost two decades Lou and her husband Nathan have led worship, recorded albums and toured extensively throughout the UK, Canada and America. As part of the band Phatfish, Lou has served as part of the worship team at the Stoneleigh Bible weeks, with her distinctive voice being a major feature on those best selling worship albums. Lou’s heart is to communicate the love of God through song. Her desire is to express truth, feed the church and bring revelation of God through her singing and songwriting.

Michaela Sargent

Michaela Sargeant

Michaela is part of the worship team at Kings Church Horsham and has musical experience in both classical and contemporary settings.  Michaela plays piano, drums, guitar, bass and percussion, as well as in the past having played violin and bassoon.  She is a singer songwriter and has gigged extensively around the UK and abroad in both Christian and secular contexts and she currently plays for a successful function band. Michaela has years of experience teaching both in schools and on a one-to-one basis.  

Part Time Course

Date and time:
Thursday 9am-4pm from Sept to July

3 terms per year with 10 teaching days in each.

There will also be a reading week and half term break.


 AM- theology with Dave Fellingham and guests. You will taken through the Old and New Testament looking at the theology concerning Worship and its relevance for today. Students will be given a written assignment each term which requires personal study and research.

Midday Session - seminar track. There will be different seminars and Masterclasses through the   term dependant on specific group interests. Sessions may include discussion groups, vocal             coaching, musical genres, leading small group worship, children's ministries etc.

PM - hearing the Fathers voice and releasing the prophetic in worship with Paul Oakley. 

Cost:  £750 for the year, includes tuition and handbook

 Additional info: Part time students will study with our Full time group for the AM and PM sessions. Students can enrol for private sessions with vocalcoaches/instrumental lessons at an additional cost.  

Part time students are also invited to enrol on the Prophetic Academy at the same reduced cost open to KCH members.  Part time students will be invited to attend special events run by KCH.  Part time students can apply to join some mission trips. Part time students can apply for a mentor during the course.